Our Health and Safety Services

Health and Safety Compliance

At HeadSafe, we come to you and work closely with you and your team to understand what the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and Regulations mean to your business.

We customise health and safety systems and processes through coaching, mentoring and training that are practical and effective.  We work with companies on their critical risk profiles.

Through our EasySafe training programmes, we work directly with your workers so everyone is clear about what is required of them, and to ensure whatever plans, policies and systems that have been decided at management level are implemented and part of everyday operations at the coalface.

Custom Health and Safety Plans

We don't do 'off the shelf' solutions. We have lots of experience working with businesses of all sizes in many different sectors. We understand the nuances of different industries and use this knowledge to customise relevant, understandable and meaningful tools and policies specifically for your workplace. We aim to make sure our solutions are as simple as possible to understand, easy to implement and effective in practice.

We believe the best results come from building long term relationships. Industry specific legislation is always changing. By partnering with HeadSafe you'll have peace of mind knowing you'll always be compliant.

GAP Analysis

HeadSafe will review your current Health and Safety Management Plan for legal compliance to determine any necessary steps your business may need to take.


HeadSafe can complete audits against legislation, your internal procedural documents (HSW Act 2015 and Regulations) and provide action plans for continual health and safety improvement.


HeadSafe offer an external inspection system to ensure a third party review of your work methods against legal compliance to reduce the risk of injury/ property damage.

Occupational Health

HeadSafe assist you to determine what monitoring is required for your workforce based on your occupational health risk.


Our EasySafe health and safety training programmes, including induction training, are designed specifically for your workplace. All training will have a competency questionnaire designed to test understanding of the material.


HeadSafe offer one on one mentoring for all levels of your workforce:
  • PCBU
  • Officer
  • Worker


Should an unfortunate incident occur in your workplace, we can assist with investigating using the ICAM methodology.

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