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Making Health and Safety Simple - Playing with Hazards

Typically at the boardroom level there has been an increase of executive knowledge in health and safety.

Through EasySafe, we can help you take that message and translate it into simple language for your workforce.

We recommend our JSA training using EasySafe 'Playing with Hazards' presentation as a very good starting point. 

Playing with Hazards is interactive training which covers hazards, risks and how to mitigate these through the hierarchy of control.  The training includes participants completing the clients JSA form using the clients Risk Matrix.

Our EasySafe training programmes are customised to your industry and business' specific needs.

We'll come to your workplace and conduct training that makes health and safety simple for EVERYONE.

Playing with Hazards has training materials which workers can take away and involve their families in better understanding what they can face as frontline workers.

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