Employers - should Covid-19 vaccinations be mandatory for all staff?

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

With the pandemic disrupting work, travel and how we communicate with others - the question is being asked about how business will manage the health of their workers when it comes to being vaccinated against Covid-19.

Already we are seeing what is happening overseas with business owners trying to protect what they have worked hard to build.

"If you don't get the vaccine, you don't have a job".

NZ to date, has been fortunate that we have not seen the same devastation that Covid-19 has caused in many countries overseas.

Many businesses will have in their Health and Safety management plans procedures in place to monitor the health of their workers - but does business need to take it further?

A worker has rights to their privacy, a business owner has rights to take legitimate steps to protect their business, other workers and their families.

Where to from here?


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