Level 3 Day 1 Breakout!

Fast food, lack of social distancing - have we learnt anything?

After seeing the pictures of long queues for fast food, large groups gathering in car parks, and the big food chain packaging being dropped on the ground because the rubbish bin was obviously too far or the excitement of getting their fast food fix was too much - makes me wonder if we have learnt anything from the Alert Level 4 lockdown?

We are seeing people behave as if everything is back to normal - while a large number of us are losing jobs, livelihoods and unable to pay rent, bills.

Many of us sit back and wonder why people would queue for hours to spend $100s on fast food or put our economy and other New Zealanders livelihoods at risk through poor behaviour.  Is it demographics, education or is Covid-19 a disease that will sort the weak from the strong? 

Let's see how our country will fare in a months time...


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