Do We Take Risks WhenTravelling For Work?

Duty of Care when workers travel for business

An article in the NZ Herald revealed results from a survey conducted on international business travelers - it found that 41% of those who travel on an average of 40 days find their mood suffers and up to 27% experience mental health issues that can range from mild to "extremely severe".

Increased engagement in their jobs was reported by 67% due to the business travel however 34% of international business travelers are more likely to engage in risky behaviour when they are traveling than at home.

 Anxiety, stress, depression and emotional exhaustion were common complaints.  What is in place for the duty of care of your workers when they are traveling overseas for business?  Is it enough that you know where they are and why they are there - you have their itinerary, right?  That should be enough....

Businesses should not focus only on costs - the overall health and well-being of your workers is your most important investment.


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