Recent Enforceable Undertaking

McConnell Dowell Constructors Limited

On 12 September 2017, WorkSafe charged McConnell Dowell Constructors Limited and Plunket Electrical Oamaru Limited for failing to ensure that risks were adequately identified, that adequate systems were in place to manage risks and that appropriate consultation, co-operation and co-ordination was undertaken between the companies.
McConnell Dowell Constructors Limited had been engaged by a company to project manage the construction of four pump stations in the North Otago region.  Its role was to Project Manage the construction and it engaged a number of businesses and contractors to undertake the construction work.
Plunket Electrical Oamaru Limited had been engaged by McConnell Dowell Constructors Limited to undertake electrical work and install switchboards to each of the pump stations being constructed.
The incident was considered serious as it had the potential for a fatal injury but for the small steel stand in the corner of the room which prevented the switchboard completely falling on the victim.  The victim still suffered a crush injury to the abdomen area, including laceration of the spleen, and took six months to recover from the incident.
The victim was able to make a full recovery from the injury and eventually returned to work.
Full details of Enforceable Undertaking: https://worksafe.govt.nz/laws-...


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